Short Stories

Here are some short stories for your reading pleasures!

So there was this guy named George and his mommy wanted him to pass his S.A.T.’s. George didn’t think he could. He wanted to play video games instead of studying. But George studied and studied until his head exploded. And he PASSED like his mommy told him to. He got a car. But he drove without a licence and got into an accident. George should have studied for his licence.


2 thoughts on “Short Stories

  1. Angela says:

    Ok, so once there was a little boy who lived alone in the woods. In those woods, next to the tiny and cozy cottage he lived in, was a big, deep well. In that well, there was… You guessed it, water! Every day he got water from that well and food from nature. But one day, there was a little girl crying at the well. The little boy asked her why she was crying. She kept telling him to mind his own business but then finally gave up. She was a princess and the queen had kicked her out. He told her he would help her, and they set off to the castle. When they reached her kingdom, the streets seemed quiet. Then, suddenly there was a riot. A riot of goblins! They hoisted her up on their backs and shouted that the goblin queen was home! They set the little girl on a small throne and knelt down before her. All this time the little boy was carried to the steps in front of the throne. Seeing the confused expression on his face, she said, “Oh i do this every day! I trick little boys into coming to my palace and then eat them! Hahaha!!!!!!!” And the little boy was supper for the goblin kingdom that night.

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