Parts of Speech


Noun: a person, place or thing.

Examples-a computer, coffeemaker, furniture, office, China, wall, shoes…….

Pronoun- a word used to replace a noun to avoid repetition.

Examples- If, you, she, him, we , hers, his….

Adjective- a word used to describe a noun or a pronoun.

Examples- blue, red, short, fuzzy, rough, tasty, fluffy……

Verb: a word used to show action or state of being. 

Examples: eating, blinking, thinking, am, are, was, were, be, being…..

Adverb: a word used to describe a verb, and adjective, or another word (almost always end in ly) 

Examples: You have very long hair. (very is the adverb) 

Conjunction: a word used to to link or join words, phrases, or clauses. 

Examples: and, but, or

Interjection: A word used strictly to express emotion.

Examples: Oh, hey, golly,yes, no, darn….

Preposition: a word that shows relationships between other words in a sentence.

Exmaples: on, off, under, in, out, for, from, through, over……

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